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A wholly Nigerian owned Oilfield and Industrial Servicing Company

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JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD is committed to inventing, acquiring and utilizing innovative technologies to maximize and enhance our effectiveness and productivity in a safe and proficient manner.
We will continue to invest in high-tech equipment and human development that will help deliver qualitative and competitive products and services to our clients in our chosen areas of operations.
Technology is key and it is at the center of our deliberate corporate policy of: delivery our quality services within the cost constraints of our customers. And it is an integral part at every process embark upon by the company from imagination, planning, to actual execution.

At JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD we believe that innovative technologies contribute to optimal and effective service services that cost effective and environmentally friendly at the same time. And in a collaborative work environment, JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD employees combine expertise and ingenuity with cutting-edge technologies to achieve the results that help put the company on the map of success and profitability while adding value to our teeming customers and shareholders over the years.


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JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD is a wholly Nigerian owned Oilfield and Industrial Servicing Company, registered in accordance with Companies and Allied Matters (CAMA) Act laws of the federal republic of Nigeria with the object to provide innovative, speedy and quality services to its customers within their cost constraints without compromising acceptable standards and codes.

JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD  focus is to help its numerous customers to find cost effective solutions that will improve the reliability of their assets be it: topsides, drilling rigs, subsea equipment among other industrial assets.

To achieve this, JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD    has adopted innovative creative approaches that will help reduce waste, time and inefficiency that ultimately translate into quality product at reduced cost within a short cycle time.

The company has built its successes on its years of accumulated technical expertise and business acumen with strong partnerships and proven ability to deliver lasting results which are driven by our dedicated and experienced staff who are committed to getting results the right way-first time. And we have achieved this by working responsibly, doing our tasks with excellence, applying innovative solutions and capturing new business opportunities while maintaining the old ones for increased market and profitable growth.

JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD values are at the core of the company operations. We work tirelessly to keep our words and work with excellence while ensure that we work collaboratively as a team. We always adopt ownership mentality on any of the project we embarked upon. We work together with our customers, within the organization as colleagues.

At JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD leaving the environment better than we meet it is an operational and corporate commitment. And to ensure harmonious co-existence with our host communities we adopted global best practices in area of: corporate social responsibility throughout the company’s areas of operations.


To become an oilfield and industrial service company of choice.


To become an oilfield and industrial service company of choice.


To continuously provide quality and competitive services to our customers within their cost constraints while ensuring that our workforce is adequately trained and motivated for enhance productivity for profit growth for our shareholders and improved livelihood for our host communities.


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Core Values

T.I.E.S is the bond that has binds us together for years and it has been the mainstay of the company ever since which enables us to remain focus on delivering on our value propositions and by creating unimaginable customer experiences that our teeming customers have known us for, throughout our operations.
These core values are:

T-Team Work

Working as a unit has been one of the strengths that has over the years manifested in the excellent results our teeming customers have attested to. We value team work while allowing individuals to express their ingenuity that helps build a productive team. And that is also why we work together with our customers as colleagues by adopt ownership mentality that propels us to put ourselves in our customers’ positions. It is always: ‘WE’ and not ‘I’ in everything we do.


As the legendary investor Warren Buffet said:” when hiring someone look for three character traits: intelligence, energy and integrity but if the person lacks integrity do not bother about the first two”. And this is a lesson that has been taken to heart at JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD. All business and personal dealings with our customers, employees, partners, shareholders and our host communities are based on uncompromising integrity. The value of integrity in business has obvious and subtle implications. And we take it very seriously. In fact it is a condition of service for and our vendors. For our employees is a condition of employment.


Making sure we fulfil our propositions of delivering quality services within the constraints of our customers means getting it right the first time. And this is always our goal. And to do this we continually imbibe the culture of excellence as a habit and not as an act. We thrive in making what seems ordinary to be extraordinary with the sole aim of meeting and if possible exceeding our customers’ expectations. And that is why continuous improvement is part of the total quality management policy of the company.


Operating safely is our way of life. In fact it is the blood that flows in the veins of our operations, without it there will be no us. We ensure operations are safety oriented and that is why our safety philosophy is: “………if it not safe it is not worth doing it at all………”

Our HSE Philosophy

Working safe is part of the job and if it not safe it is not worth doing it at all till it is safe!