Coating Services

A wholly Nigerian owned Oilfield and Industrial Servicing Company

Quality Coating Inspection
The successfully protection of assets by coating system can only be achieved through proper quality coating inspection management system that ensure that the right procedures are followed and the coating application is do in such manner that will achieve the purpose. At JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD we have a team of qualified coating inspectors with years of experienced and we ensure that from the initiation, planning, execution to project closure quality is not compromised. This helps to reduce cost and ensure proper protection of the assets in the long term.

Field Joint Coating
Field joint coating consistency and quality are critical for the integrity of an offshore pipeline’s coating system. Jenzee & Sims Services Ltd offers end-to-end coating solutions, while enhancing operator safety and reducing the operational footprint in the field.
Jenzee & Sims Services Ltd can mobilize its field joint coating equipment and experienced teams to any location required by your project. Our teams and equipment have completed projects both onshore on spool-bases or fabrication yards, and offshore on pipeline installation vessels.

Coating Repair and Maintenance
JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD personnel have hand on job experiences that spanned over a period of more than a decade. We translate these experience in such a way that we benefit our clients. We do this by creating seamless work processes that ensure our coating applicators know and follow industry’s standards and codes.

Coating Materials Sourcing and Procurement
We handle end to end coating services for our clients and these include: sourcing, procuring and supplying of coating material at the door steps of our clients. And due to our years of business relations with the manufacturers of these materials, JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD is always able to source and procure these materials on time and within the cost constraints of our clients thereby add value to any project that we are mandated to handled.

Insulation Installation and Removal
When it comes to insulation installation and removal we do it with utmost professionalism. Whether it is; process insulation, fire protection and/or insulation for the purpose of ensuring safety of the personnel on board asset. We ensure that the right insulation system is installed for optimal performance and ensure value for money. And when our clients want to remove any insulation they deem fit. We do that in such a way that it will not affect the original purpose that was meant to be achieved and the environment.