Maintenance and Repairs Services

A wholly Nigerian owned Oilfield and Industrial Servicing Company

Leak Repairs
JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD offers high quality service, unmatched expertise and tremendous value for your riser needs.
Drilling and operating in deep water presents a significant challenge. With an increase in drilling and operations in harsh environments, drilling and production riser requirements and limits have become more onerous due to uncertainties involved in response prediction and prolonged drilling and production operation activities.

Drilling and production Risers require regular maintenance and inspection – essential for the safe operation of drilling and production activities offshore. Well controlled safety is of utmost importance and the risers are essentially the “life line” in ensuring well stability at the rig floor and on production assets.

Pipe Wraps
Our pipe wrap and pipe repair solutions are designed to provide structural reinforcement, leak repair and corrosion prevention for commercial and industrial pipes. Our pipe repair systems are engineered in accordance with ASME, ISO and ASTM standards to withstand harsh elements, high pressure, and the effects of exposure over time. JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES LTD offers a wide selection of certified pipe repair systems backed by third-party testing.

Rise Repairs
We can provide cost-effective solutions to address deficiencies such as leaking risers and gap in riser segments or damaged risers that may be preventing your facility from functioning properly.

Welding of Pipes and Structures
We have an excellent team of certified industrial welders and pipe fitters prepared to do their job superbly. Our quality control professionals are always at hand to inspect the project to ensure that all specifications and procedures are met and followed.
JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES welding activities complies with internationally approved standards and codes. With a Quality Control System for repairs and alterations, our workforce can be set up on-site almost immediately.

We have welders with certifications in a variety of different welding procedures.
JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES also fabricate and install piping with our proficient certified pipefitters, Our Certified Welders are tested to comply with acceptable regulations for welding different metals and alloys.

Flare Repairs and Maintenance
We repair and maintain Flare and its Tips both on land and offshore in order to prevent flare and its tips from becoming dysfunctional with time due to wear and tear as a result of harsh operational environment. At JENZEE & SIMS SERVICES we help our clients to make informed decision on whether it is best to replace the flare and its tips or to repair it. While replacing the flare tip is, under certain circumstances, the only logical move, more often it is wiser, and less expensive, to consider the flare tip repair option. And this we do with high level of professionalism taking into consideration the safety and environment impact concerns.